The Omelet Story – How To Begin A Business?

The success of a venture is not decided by the pace of planning or rendition but the enthusiasm that keeps the venture alive.

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The Omelet Story - How To Begin A Business
The Omelet Story – How To Begin A Business

The Omelet Story – How To Begin A Business?

Ever heard of an overnight success story?

The Omelet Story – How To Begin A Business? There is famous saying-‘Nothing happens overnight. It takes months of planning, weeks of preparations and days of presentation to begin a venture’. But have you ever thought of beginning a business overnight? Oops! Would that be another failure tale is the question?

It won’t be, if you write the success script for it. The success of a venture is not decided by the pace of planning or rendition but the enthusiasm that keeps the venture alive. Successful people believe in overnight success stories.

Have an idea? Share it

It’s more like waiting for the egg to hatch and then proceed with the recipes. If you develop an amazing idea, never ever brood over it. And beware! Share your ideas with the right trustworthy person. A revolutionary idea can transform into an annoying mystery if not shared with the right person in a right manner. Make it a short story and not an essay and include all the important points.

Making an omelet

Now your brain-baby is born and it’s time to finance your venture. No money in hand? Find ways to sponsor your product or idea. The more smartly you invest the better would your returns be. And smart doesn’t mean slow. Be quick enough to not let your competitors know that you are on a mission to sell and make profit.

Finding a market

Choose your style of marketing. You can supply pamphlets telling your ‘egg venture’ is hatching today. You can call up your friends and ask them to buy or advertise about your product. You can even make a deal with the e-shopping websites to sell your products online. It is more like seasoning your omelet, the more precise the seasoning is, and the better it will be.

Omelet forever

How to not let your business die is another important question. Each time eggs break or the omelet gets burnt, say to yourself that you have memories of so many beautiful omelets on your plate and that, those memories are enough to cook more beautiful omelets.

Try to grow your business not just in terms of products purchased but also the number of outlets you sell them to, and the number of people who speak (both good and bad) about your product. Also look at the returns or profit you will make.

What does it take to wind up a fruitful business person?

Formal education is never a compulsory quality for a successful business-man. In business, learning comes more with experience than degrees. But it is always better to learn the theoretical aspects of the business before practicing them in real life. And for that, a bachelor’s degree in economics or business would be more than sufficient. It’s now also possible to pursue your degrees online. You can choose from a list of Online Economic Degrees or Business Programs. This would surely save your time and also help you earn a degree. Gaining knowledge about market and business trends would help enrich your skills and potentials.

When we look into the lives of successful entrepreneurs, a good number of them began their businesses after completing their education from top institutions. Though the importance of college-education for a successful business is questionable, it’s good to pursue programs in colleges like National American University, so that you understand the basis of business. This is particularly helpful for those who are not from business-families.

What is your success story?

James Dyson ventured into his successful business after 5127 failed prototypes. Gary Vaynerchuk took his business to the next level after working 24/7 for five long years. George R.R Martin took decades for writing, before getting his series featured in the HBO. The KFC Recipe of Colonel Sanders was rejected almost 1000 times before it became a huge hit. They are all great men today and you are ‘venturing’ to be one.

All great people never became great overnight. It took time, patience and hard work. So why not give it a try? Your story can be different.

After all, all strong people do believe in overnight success stories!!!

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-This article is written by Ann Mathew, a student of Computer Applications at Christ University, Bangalore. She is a zealous volunteer, passionate public speaker, and creative writer. Though she likes coding, her passion lies in motivating people.

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