How Has Technology Revolutionized The Surveillance Market?

The old wired cameras that needed to be connected directly to a recording device (e.g. DVD or VCR) have given way to wireless spy cameras that transmit directly to a recording device.

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Technology Revolutionized The Surveillance Market
Technology Revolutionized The Surveillance Market

How Has Technology Revolutionized The Surveillance Market?

How Has Technology Revolutionized The Surveillance Market; Since 2001, the market for video surveillance and surveillance tools has grown, and continues to move upwards, with local businesses, office buildings and private residences depending on some level of video surveillance to keep their locations protected.

Some of the biggest influences driving the industry growth have been innovations in surveillance, security, and network offerings of Surveillance Market which have reduced cost of production and deployment of surveillance infrastructure, thereby increasing their overall effectiveness. The advances in security products and equipment have also resulted in accessible and affordable remote video surveillance that will be on the horizons for a while to come.

The old Analog cameras were unclear and did not have the range that the more recent spy cameras have. The new security cameras are superior, recording footage in Ultra 4K HD. They are able to intelligently analyse video sensors and image feeds to register temperature changes and suspicious behavior, detect missing objects, alert to change in scenes, have long-range motion detection, real-time monitoring and 24-hour continuous recording.

The old wired cameras that needed to be connected directly to a recording device (e.g. DVD or VCR) have given way to wireless spy cameras that transmit directly to a recording device.

The conventional analog-based PTZ camera had a limited view that a device could monitor effectively, leaving blind spots that could not be accessed during retrospective analysis. Its feeds could only be accessed through the in-house video walls, and not remotely, further limiting effectiveness of such devices. Cameras are able to see in every direction, with the new 360o field view that allows comprehensive covering of a room, making sure that there are no blind spots. The improved video de-warping technology and 360o offerings and have completely revolutionized the security landscape by allowing the operator to create CCTV-like virtual cameras and panning, tilting, and zooming even a recorded feed. Surveillance feeds is now available on smart devices that have an internet connection, allowing review of footage at almost any time.

Role of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Surveillance Market

Artificial Intelligence and data analytics are also playing significant roles in the growth in the surveillance industry. Video analytics-enabled surveillance system triggers an automatic alert via SMS or e-mail to a designated person when a person is missing or an item is out of place. Machine Learning also helps to automatically build new use cases without external programming, enabling surveillance to become more effective. You can also check that your doors are locked or turn on your security lights by using your mobile device or computer.

New services including mobile phone-controlled panic devices and remote cancellation are being introduced into the market. Kids can call their parents who in turn can activate a panic button to contact the relevant security authorities, or can call emergency services. If no longer required, the mobile device can be used to cancel the monitoring center’s response. The advantage of these is that it allows customers transit from the former static panels to more interactive and mobile platforms. Surveillance feeds are now integrated into smart phones, so that the videos can be played from any location.

Parents are also able to stay vigilant and actively monitor their children’s online activity. Parents want to be able to manage the sites that their kids visit, and also want to be able to manage what sites are requesting their kids’ details. The Cloud Nanny intelligently uses machine learning language to review a site that the child wants to click on, classify the website and then compare the site with the family’s profile to see if the website falls into a permitted or banned category. The service is fast, and overcomes the problem to having to manually check and filter every single website.

Technology has become more advanced, such that it is now tailored to meet customers’ needs. There are now systems that can analyse videos with the aim of monitoring customer behavior not only for security purposes, but to also to better market customers to new services and offerings.

Drones are also becoming more optimized, and are now being used for surveillance, and back up their pictures and videos in real-time.

Surveillance Market and Internet of Things

Increasing need for data storage because of Internet of Things is resulting in videos being stored in the cloud. Data storage in the cloud means that users can access content more easily from wherever it is that they are. Recording from traffic cameras are stored in the cloud, and allows rapid access to data. Edge computing allows faster data processing within the computer itself before transfer to a data center, allowing for reduced bandwidth and storage requirements.

Autonomous Data Machines aka robots are now being used to operate within a geo-fenced area and trigger alerts when there are changes in people detection, thermal imaging, audio recording and 360o view.

Facial recognition features in security cameras allows the camera to identify if a person is a familiar face, or a stranger, and allows sending trigger alerts as appropriate.

Voice Control has also been integrated into the surveillance industry, allowing owners lock their doors or carry out other actions using a management process that is hands-free.

Improved technology has made installation of spy cameras easier, sometimes as easy as plug-and-play. There is also increasing growth of DIY technology that allows individuals to set up and monitor their own security.

Technology has also ensured scalability. Several cameras can be added to a single network; recordings can be saved to the cloud; and several locations can use the same devices.

In addition to power stations, solar energy is now being used to ensure surveillance equipment remain powered on. The integration of solar power into surveillance ensures that the cameras can be powered constantly and a cost-effective amount, thereby making it affordable and more accessible to the public.


These improvements in technology has resulted in the availability of new-age, user-friendly spy cameras that can be hidden, are almost impossible to locate, and that cannot be disabled because the connection is wireless. Parents are able to monitor their kids, and listen in to conversations using the nanny cam with audio, giving assurances of security and safety.

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