Snapdeal-Owned Marketplace Shopo Closing Down From 10 February

Snapdeal-owned marketplace Shopo will close down from 10 February today, after a year and a half of operations.

“We started, a year and a half ago, from a small conference room with our mission to enable small and individual sellers across India to sell online. In this short time, we have together discovered the dynamism and vibrance in the C2C space in India,” Shopo said in a blogpost.

Marketplace Shopo
Marketplace Shopo

Shopo application was a zero commission mobile marketplace targeted at small and medium businesses (SMBs). This application combined chat and commerce on smartphones.

Shopo enabled discovery of wide range of products and great interaction. Simply chat & buy from your seller concept.Through chat, it helped you get more information, try for a better price, arrange for pick up and close transactions -just like in real life.

It added that its team has helped more than 2 lakh sellers start and grow their online shops.

“However, we realise that it will take some more years for a broader ecosystem to develop around the C2C segment,” the blog said.

The SoftBank-backed Snapdeal said that it has absorbed all Shopo employees. In 2013, Snapdeal had acquired Shopo. The platform allows small and medium-sized businesses to chat, buy and sell on the platform on a zero-commission model.

In 2015, Snapdeal had also announced an investment of $100 million in the marketplace over the next two years.

Shopo says it has some four million products registered on its site, sold by about 1,50,000 sellers.

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