Google Latest Data Squeezing Algorithm Brotli Coming To Chrome

Google’s flagship Web browser, Google Chrome, will soon implement Brotli, a new algorithm that offers better compression, leading to lighter webpages and faster loading. You can test the feature on a Chrome beta build available via the Canary channel.

Google Brotli
Google Brotli

Brotli is an open source data compression library developed by Jyrki Alakuijala and Zoltán Szabadka. Brotli is based on a modern variant of the LZ77 algorithm, Huffman coding and 2nd order context modeling.

It can be used to speed up browsing the internet in Chrome or Firefox. Like zopfli, another compression algorithm from Google, brotli is named after a Swiss bakery product,brötli.

According to WhatNext, the existing technology, Zopfli, encodes data into gzip, DEFLATE, and zlib formats.

As per the reports on The Verve, Ilya Grigorik, a Google’s Web performance engineer, said that this algorithm is ready to roll out to Chrome. The feature is of course especially useful for mobile users. The algorithm replaces the widely used Zopfli encoding technology. Google says this new algorithm is up to 26 percent more efficient at compressing webpages. To note, that it only works on HTTPS connections.

By curtailing the data size, it also ensures that fewer resources are required to handle webpages, which further leads to less battery consumption on the device. Announced in September last year, Brotli offers the ability to pack the codes together more densely, which results in the reduction of the size of data being transmitted.

Google says that it will soon implement the technology in the stable Chrome Web browser release.

Reported on Engadget, Google added that, it “would give additional benefits to mobile users, such as lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use,” and that it would be particularly useful for web font compression.

Post Author: Jitendra Chaturvedi

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