Android P Next Version Of Google's OS, Find Out Top Biggest Features And Redesigns

Android P Next Version Of Google’s OS, Find Out Top Biggest Features And Redesigns


Google has released the preview of the next version Android P. The new OS version is out in the form of Developer Preview 1 and is likely to get an official introduction in May during Google’s annual developer conference I/O 2018.

Although all the features of Android P are not revealed, yet some of the biggest changes are sought in the developer preview released-

Android P Next Version Of Google's OS, Find Out Top Biggest Features And Redesigns
Android P Next Version Of Google’s OS, Find Out Top Biggest Features And Redesigns

Security enhancements-

Android P introduces a number of new security features including a unified fingerprint authentication dialog and high-assurance user confirmation of sensitive transactions.

New image compression technology-

Android P adds built-in support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) VP9 Profile 2, so you can now deliver HDR-enabled movies to your users from YouTube, Play Movies, and other sources on HDR-capable devices. Android P adds support for HEIF (heic) images encoding to the platform. HEIF improves compression to save on storage and network data thus it’s easy to send and utilize HEIF images from your backend server.

Multi-camera support and camera updates-

Android P user can access streams simultaneously from two or more physical cameras on devices. With this feature, users can see seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision. Other improvements in camera include new Session parameters that help to reduce delays during initial capture, and Surface sharing that lets camera clients handle various use-cases without the need to stop and start camera streaming.

Display cutout support-

Android P offers support for the latest edge-to-edge screens with display cutout for camera and speaker. The new feature lets you find out the location and shape of the non-functional areas where content shouldn’t be displayed.


Android P introduces several enhancements to notifications, all of which are available to developers targeting Android P.

Indoor Positioning with New wi-fi protocol-

Android P adds platform support for the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol—also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT)—to let you take advantage of indoor positioning in your apps. On Android P devices with hardware support, your apps can use the new RTT APIs to measure the distance to nearby RTT-capable Wi-Fi Access Points (APs). The device must have location enabled and Wi-Fi scanning turned on.

Enhanced messaging experience-

User of Android P can add an action to reply to messages or enter other text directly from a notification. Android P enhances this feature with which Android P now displays images in Messaging Notifications on phones, Save replies as drafts, Identify if a conversation is a group conversation and can send smart replies.

Android P simplifies notification channel settings, users can now block entire groups of channels within the notification settings.

Client-side encryption of Android backups-

Android P enables encryption of Android backups with a client-side secret. Because of this privacy measure, the device’s PIN, pattern, or password is required to restore data from the backups made by the user’s device.


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